Fujiwara Administrative Scrivener’s Office was established to help people through the process of coming to Japan. 

My name is Toru Fujiwara. For around 20 years, I have been connected to the foreign communities in Japan through my work in teaching the Japanese language. 

I have helped many people of all nationalities and ages: people working in Japan, international students, spouses of Japanese nationals and their families, people who want to undergo training in Japan, and people who are just now thinking about coming to Japan or doing business in Japan.

People moving to Japan will face many hardships, and I have seen first-hand how people have to deal with those problems. 

I too have lived overseas - as a foreigner in another country - and have faced many of the same hardships. 

Things that were simple in my home country become almost impossible when I moved overseas. It's aggravating, and many people have that same frustrating experiences. Sometimes I thought, "I wish I could talk to someone about this."

This company was founded to help people just like me, people who just wish they could go to someone for help.

I think many foreign people living in Japan, and those thinking of coming, have a higher prupose in life; they have big dreams.

 I will be very happy if I can help people achieve their dreams. 

Fujiwara Administrative Scrivener’s Office

Administrative Scrivener Tōru FUJIWARA

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