The fee schedule is based upon the Administrative Scrivener Article 10, Clause 2, Paragraph 1 (as of 15 April, 2011)


1 Consultation Services

Consultation (※First consultation is free.)

Under 30 minutes = 3000 yen

Under 60 minutes = 5000 yen

Out-of-office Consultations

Round-trip less than 2 hours = 10000yen

Round-trip more than 2 hours = 30000yen

※The customer will be asked to reimburse all travel expenses.

※If you decide to use our service, the consulation fee will be waived. 

2. Foreign Resident Immigration Review Service

Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (Application before arrival in Japan)

Application for Change of Status of Residence (While living in Japan)

【Residence Status: Work-related】 100,000~200,000 yen

【 Residence Status: Exchange, Cultural Activities, Designated Activities, Dependent】30,000~150,000yen

【Residence Status: Personal Status】 100,000~200,000 yen

※Fees differ based upon current residence status

Permission for Visa Extension

Application: 50,000~150,000yen. Fees depend upon current residence status. 

Permission for Permanent Residency

Application 100,000~140,000yen. Fees differ based upon current residence status. 

Deportation Procedures

【Application for Special Permission for Residence】Relevant Document Preparation 150,000円

Fees differ on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us for further details. 

3 Application for Naturalization


Fees differ based upon current residence status.

Other items and considerations

※1 Actual Expenses

Please note that the customer will bear the burden of payment for all business transaction costs, including but not limited to  bank transfer fees, medical certificates, revenue stamps, certificate fees, registration and license tax, postal stamp cost, postage fees, mimeograph or photocopy fees, registry, transportation and correspondence fees. 

※2 Payment

A 50% downpayment is required before work begins, with the balance due upon successful completion of the applciation. 

※3 If the customer himself is to complete the application (i.e. when the administrative scrivener does not submit the application) the fee will be 50% of the regular rate quoted above. 

In this case our services will consist of: (1) Confirmation of Permission Requirements/Explanation of Attached Documents (2) Application documents, explanation letter, Preparation of submitted material (3)  Sending requests for material to be attached to the application (limited to those documents acquirable by our office)


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